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John Paul Beck, Attorney at Law LLC
Answering your business and personal legal needs.

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Personalized Solutions. I take the time to get to know you and your business so together we can craft the perfect solution for you. Whether drafting a contract, an operating agreement, or a will, there is no one size fits all solution. You need to find the answers that work for you.

Clear Explanations. The law and legal documents can seem like a lot of mumbo jumbo to the uninitiated. I will turn the legalese into leagal ease with a clear explanation of your issue and the considerations that matter to you.

Affordable Answers. Get the answers you need to make your important business decisions.
I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to talk with an attorney before making important decisions.  I have affordable initial consultations so you can ask the questions, and get the answers, you need.

Don't Wait. The proper time to consult an attorney is before things go wrong. I can help you make the decisions today that will keep you out of court tomorrow. If it is too late for preventative actions it is important to exercise your rights or address your defense immediately. Your legal rights are subject to important and inflexible timelines.
Talk to an attorney today.

Give Me The Chance To Advocate For You.

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